Video of a tiny girl and a little goat screaming at each other goes viral

The baby girl couldn’t let the little goat win during their screaming match. With both so determined to beat the other, it came as no surprise that their video became viral.

Every time an adorable video of a baby or an animal is posted online, most of the time, it grabs attention.

There have been many videos as such, but this one is extra special.

It is a viral video of a screaming contest between a baby girl and a little goat at what appears to be a farm.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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In the short clip, the baby can be seen being carried by a blonde woman in a dark blue shirt.

In front of them is another blonde woman in braids, carrying a little goat.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The video started with the two babies staring at each other intently.

Although, after a few seconds, the little goat screamed at the baby girl.

Perhaps the baby animal was trying to say “hello” to its new human friend.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The two women holding the two babies threw into fits of laughter right after.

Their laughter became louder when the baby girl suddenly yelled back. What made it funnier was that she sounded exactly like the goat.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

With the women giggling uncontrollably, the two babies screamed back and forth, and it completely became an adorable moment of interaction between a human and an animal.

Thousands of users have already viewed the video and shared it on their social media accounts for their friends to see.

Even though it was uploaded in February 2017, the video continues to receive online hits until today.

Meanwhile, another video of baby goats became viral online.

It’s a video of three baby goats jumping, skipping, and running around a horse named Mr. G.

Even though the goats were a menace, the patient horse remained still and let them play around him.

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