Private mom Halle Berry shares new pic of her son in plaid pajamas, staring at the sea

Halle Berry posts an adorable snap of her son and his dog looking out to the sea which is also a reminder of how cautious she is about sharing her children's faces to the public. 

Just when she began to share glimpses of her son Maceo’s face in the past months, Halle Berry is back to being a private mom as she posts a new photo of her son, but only from behind. 

Look through Halle’s Instagram account and you’ll hardly find any photos of her children’s faces. She’s always been very careful about posting their faces in order to protect their privacy. But Halle made a bold decision in June when she posted a photo of her four-year-old son, Maceo’s profile allowing fans a glimpse of part of his face. 

According to Halle, it was a struggle for her to open up like that but she also realized her fans deserve to know a little more about her children having supported her all these years. But because she was still cautious about her children being exploited, she decided to only share half of her son’s face. 

But now it seems Halle is back to being a careful parent as a recent photo of Maceo only shows his back. The little boy is featured in his pajamas standing on a balcony as he looks out to the sea alongside his furry dog, Jackson. Though he stands in front of a clear glass, his reflection could hardly be seen.  The photo was captioned “Sunday PJ Sway #LivingLikeJackson.”

The first time Halle ever showed a slight glimpse of Maceo was in December.  In a holiday pic she captioned “I see you Christmas,” the little boy was captured peeking out from behind evergreen branches. Only one of his eyes, his nose and a cheek can be seen and a few strands of his wavy locks.  But it was enough for many to see that he shared features of his mother. 

In August, she again showed Maceo’s profile when he shared an adorable photo of him sleeping with Jackson. The young boy was in his pajamas curled against his dog as they lay on a carpet resembling the dog’s fur. The photo once again showed fans part of Maceo’s face which blurred due to the shadow over it. But Halle chose to focus on her son’s relationship with Jackson as she captioned her post “Man’s best friend.”

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