Bride's wedding photo 'crashed' by waves in perfectly-timed video

On August 30, Jenny McCauley and Kirea Lovell got married. For their wedding photo shoot, they decided to pose together on the cliffs known as China Walls, just east of Honolulu.

Even though their photographer warned them just before the amazing shot was taken, the two never expected to have their wedding dresses drenched in water. 

Kirea Lovell and Jenny McCauley chose a Hawaiian beach for their wedding photo shoot. The couple is originally from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

“I heard the cameraman go, 'You guys should be scared.' And I thought he was kidding, so I started cracking up, and within a second it just poured on us,” McCauley shared.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The couple had their wedding dresses drenched in water as a big wave hit them.

“I kinda just sat there in shock, like, ‘Did that really just happen? Is this real life?’” Lovell laughed. Luckily, the moment wasn’t in vain as their photographer managed to capture the exact moment when the wave came crashing in.

The cliffs the couple posed on are a popular spot for cliff jumpers and sunset watchers. Jayden Barrientos had been there long enough to figure out what would happen.

"I thought, 'Okay, that's a bad place to stand; the waves are going to hit them,'" Barrientos said.

Anticipating the wave, the man took out his phone and started recording. Initially, there were three waves that didn’t do much damage.

Seeing the fourth one coming in, Barrientos knew the couple was about to get soaked. Neither McCauley nor Lovell saw it coming as the rocks were already fairly wet, and they were more concerned with keeping their balance.

Lovell recalled that when the wave hit; their hair was instantly soaked, and their makeup was ruined.

“We were completely soaking wet, and it was a 45-50 minute drive back to the hotel so we could change our dresses and go to dinner,” McCauley said.

Despite the unexpected turn of events; the couple was fine with how things turned out. McCauley shared that she didn’t mind at all as it was “very cool moment to capture."

Barrientos sent the newlyweds the video shortly afterwards. He revealed how excited they were to receive his unique wedding gift.

In a similar incident in La Jolla, California, Gina Pageot and Sergio Capozzi got a big surprise while posing for their wedding photos. The pair was taking sunset pictures on the cliffs when they got hit by a big wave.

Despite being drenched, the two asked their photographer, Belinda Mayberry, to keep shooting. The photographer kept shooting as the couple got more soaked and the wedding party cheered on.

“It was the most epic wedding image I have taken in my seven years of shooting weddings,” the photographer said afterwards.

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