Little dog bursts with excitement when seeing military owner after 10 months of deployment

They say big things come in small packages and this little canine packs a punch of love! 

After a long duration of ten months, Remy, the little Scottish Terrier had a heart-warming reunion with her owner, Nancy Spadoni. It was time for Nancy to return home from Afghanistan, and reunite with her loved ones. Little did she know the welcome she'd be getting from her little canine friend. 

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Reunited with her canine friend

Reunited with her canine friend

"We used to FaceTime with Nancy while she was gone," Beasley-Spadoni told The Dodo. "I could tell Remy missed her."

Nancy Spadoni and her wife, Aimee Beasley-Spadoni both live with their little canine companion, Remy. Despite all odds and having a long distance relationship due to being deployed in Afghanistan, Nancy made sure to use all methods of contact to keep in touch with her little pup, who would be pining for her at home.  

Here is the adorable pup that was overjoyed when Aimee returned home. 

Just imagine how lonely and confused the little pup was, but Remy was in good hands and well taken care of with Aimee, and they made sure to keep in touch and include little Remy as well. In this case, the media was a blessing in disguise.

Remy enjoying a snapshot. 

"We used to FaceTime with Nancy while she was gone," Beasley-Spadoni told The Dodo. "I could tell Remy missed her." 

When the time came for Nancy to finally return home, the excited Remy was overwhelmed with joy as you can see in the clip below.

This definitely warms the hearts and puts a smile on all our faces. There is nothing more rewarding than having a loving canine or furry companion expressing their joyous reunion. 

Remy is still as excited as the day Nancy returned and each day is a new celebration of joyous reunion. They are indeed inseparable."

"She hardly leaves Nancy's side when she is home and seems to be giving her extra kisses," Beasley-Spadoni said.

It goes to show that you can never judge the size of the package - there is much love and companionship to share. Remy is just one of the many heart-warming reunion stories out there and those pet owners who have to leave their little ones behind go through as much suffering as their canine or furry companions do and here is another heart-warming reunion and a video clip. 

Much love shared via Facebook to share with the world. 

A home with pets are blessed homes indeed. Our pets have bigger hearts than we could ever imagine and more love to give unconditionally.

If this story touched your hearts, here is a similar story about a nervous soldier who anxiously waited to reunite with his dog and it was heartbreaking as he was dearly missed. The two reuniting was an emotional one. Watch the video and feel the joy of reuniting the pets and owners.

There are never enough of these amazing stories and it always warms the heart. 

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