Dog thought his soldier-dad had died, but his reaction when they reunite is priceless (video)

Aug 03, 2018
04:39 A.M.

After returning home from a deployment of over nine months, the soldier was greeted warmly by his German Shepherd dog.


A video uploaded to YouTube shows the U.S. Army officer sitting on the sofa with his arms outstretched, having just arrived home. In the background, one can hear a few dogs barking.

The soldier then whistles at the dog and soon enough Freyja, the German Shepherd, leaps up on the couch and snuggles up close to her owner. Letting out a joyful cry, the dog cuddles with the soldier and lets him pet her and caress her body.

She then rolls on her back and allows the soldier to give her much-awaited belly rubs. Freyja also starts to whimper like a little baby, enjoying the closeness with her owner.

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Freyja also snuggles close to the soldier’s face and licks it, letting him know how she missed him during his deployment.


For a brief moment she seems to leave the soldier alone, but then quickly joins him again on the other side rubbing her head against the soldier.

Source: YouTube/Poke My Heart

Source: YouTube/Poke My Heart

The video has gone viral on the internet with more than 100,000 people watching it and over 114 people liking on it.

Such stories always warm up one’s heart and make one realize just how much humane can out innocent pets sometimes be.

Earlier this year in April, another dog named Pakita, similarly proved her almost-human side when she recognized her previous owner even after years of separation.

Source: YouTube/Poke My Heart

Source: YouTube/Poke My Heart

Pakita had left her owner, Ariel Naveira’s home almost two years ago. She was finally found at Arca Animal refuge.

When Naveira visited her in the shelter, the dog seemed skeptical about her first. However, once Naveira approached her, she caught the similar scent. She then quickly became excited and overjoyed as she reunited with her owner.

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