Girl who was trying to follow dangerous dance trend gets life lesson from mom

The "Kiki Challenge" has taken the internet by storm. It's a controversial stunt that requires partakers of the challenge to jump out of a slow moving vehicle and perform the "Kiki" dance while walking alongside the still-moving car. 

The dance should be done to Drake's song, "In My Feelings," and any dance moves are acceptable. The only requirement is to walk while the vehicle moves and to share the results online. 

While the risks of this challenge are numerous, one girl from Mexico received flack from an unexpected source. Not from law enforcement, and she wasn't injured either, but her mother wasn't too happy with the entire thing!

She was on a roll, showing off her dance moves when her mother appeared out of nowhere and ordered her to clean her room instead. 

She even threw a shoe in her daughter's direction and had some harsh words for the driver of the vehicle too. 

It would only be natural to blame the popularity of this trend on the youth, but a 93-year-old man also got caught up in the challenge!

His 9-year-old great-grandson told him about the challenge and the elderly man wanted to prove that he still had what it takes. He even accessorized with a trendy cap while shuffling along next to the moving vehicle. 

We have no doubt that the great-grandfather is still a hit with the ladies, just like Drake, who started the challenge. Speaking of Drake, he gave a terminally ill girl a surprise visit in hospital after she did the challenge in the hospital's hallway and posted it online!

Instead of jumping out of a moving vehicle, the 11-year-old Sofia Sanchez jumped out of her wheelchair instead. She couldn't have the birthday party of her dreams because she was in the hospital awaiting heart transplant surgery.

When Drake saw her challenge online, he canceled one of his shows to pay her a visit! She shrieked when he walked into her hospital room, and Drake cooly responded, "you asked me to come, I'm here."

Here are all three videos, which one do you like the most?





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