Remember talk show host Montel Williams? His son chose a totally different career path

Mary Scott
Sep 18, 2018
10:31 A.M.
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For Montel Williams and his son, the apple sure fell too far from the tree. Fans of the talk show host are always amazed at the career path his son has chosen.


Montel Williams Jr is Williams’ son with his second ex-wife, Grace Morley. Montel Jr. and his older sister, Wyntergrace had quite the high-class upbringing in their Greenwich, Connecticut home.

So you can imagine the world’s shock at finding out the young man decided to go with a life that is so far removed from the one in which he was raised.

Montel Jr. is now an MMA fighter. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, and it is one of the most violent contact sports ever. He, however, maintains that his involvement in the game is not for money, but for passion.

“… my priority is not making money or being sponsored, just do, destroy whatever warm body they put in front of me.”


Montel Jr. defends his stand by rejecting every sponsor that has approached him. He is more focused on winning than anything else and will do anything to keep it that way. He said:

“To excel my skills I need to voluntarily go into practice every day and get beaten up, but when you love something you don’t look at it as something that is a challenge or a feat, only the path that you must walk.”


And Montel Jr. looks like he has daddy’s approval. In 2016, the senior Williams took to Instagram to share a photo of his son winning his first pro MMA fight. “Congrats to my son, Montel Jr. for winning his first pro MMA fight last night,” he wrote.

It appears the TV personality is now on good terms with his son after a messy divorce with Grace. The estranged exes divorced in 2000 but failed to reach an agreement over child custody and the like for over ten years.


An explosive 2010 interview with Montel Jr and his sister saw the kids calling their father a hypocrite. "Everyone knows him as a great guy, but he's not making the best choices as a parent," Wyntergrace claimed.

Williams’ response?

"I love my children very much. I do not believe parenting is best done in a public forum and I will not comment on ongoing legal action involving my minor children."

Montel Jr and Wyntergrace, at the time, were 16 and 14 respectively.


Williams, who has been dealing with multiple sclerosis since 1999, was rushed to the hospital in June. As a fitness enthusiast, he spends a lot of time in the gym, and it was after another session that the 61-year-old felt something was wrong. He has since been declared okay.

Williams is currently married to his third wife, Tara Fowler. Before Grace, he was married to Rochele See, with whom he shares two children.