Prince Harry gets his popcorn stolen at the Invictus Games

Prince Harry had his popcorn stolen by a blonde and sneaky thief at the Invictus Games last year and we will revisit that moment in honor of his 34th birthday.

The Duke of Sussex celebrated another year on earth on September 15, a very special one as well because it was his first as a married man.

So, as a birthday gift, we'll go back to the past to relive one of the funniest moments in Prince Harry's life, which also shows how good he is with children.

The incident took place during the semi-final volleyball game between the United Kingdom and Denmark. Follow our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more.

Harry was having a nice chat with a friend and didn't even notice Emily, the daughter of Dave Henson, a veteran and former competitor, stealing his delicious snack.


One by one, the little girl filled her belly with popcorn without Prince Harry noticing that he was starting to have fewer amounts of the buttery treat.



Eventually, the Duke of Sussex caught Emily in the act and pretended to take the popcorn away from her, teasing her but ultimately allowing her to enjoy the snack anyway.

Prince Harry has always loved children; in fact, he has followed in his mother's footsteps, much like his brother, William, and started supporting several charities related to children and their well-being.


The 34-year-old royal has been flying to and from Africa for over a decade, which was how he ended up meeting Mutsi, a boy from Lesotho who had the honor of being invited to the Royal Wedding.

Harry and Mutsu met in 2004 when the Prince was in Africa for humanitarian work, and the two ended up developing a special bond at the orphanage.

Getting an invitation for one of the biggest royal weddings in history was surely a moment that Mutsu will never forget and he honored the invite by appearing sharply dress for the occasion. 

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