Adorable little girl is absolutely terrified of her own shadow

The little girl was terrified of her shadow and tried her best to run away from it. Her attempts of escaping her dark company were hilarious that she became viral online.

The silhouette completely terrified the young girl that she became cranky after realizing that she can’t get rid of her shadow. She may have been brooding at the time, but online users found her very adorable.

Michael Jacobs Jr. from Pennsylvania took the video of his daughter and posted it on Facebook.

The short clip showed the youngster running around at a parking lot, desperate to lose the dark mass that won’t leave her alone.

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Jacobs uploaded the video in September 2015. Eight hours after it was posted, it had already amassed eight million views.

Now, the video has reached over 34 million views and had been shared over one million times.

The hilarious clip starts with a female voice – assumed to be Sharain Jackson-Jacobs who is tagged in the video – asking the tiny tot if she was ready to have her nap.

The woman can be heard in the background saying, “What’s the matter? Are you ready to go night-night?”

Jacobs’s daughter started to grumble slightly and soon became distracted by her shadow.

What started out as fascination soon became an annoyance for the kid. Supposedly, she didn’t like what she was seeing.

She became cranky and tried to run away from her shadow by heading in the other direction. Although, with the sun blazing at the time, she had no escape from her dark friend.

Soon after, the tiny tot squealed and eventually screamed while running around in circles. She started yelling in crying, looking very frustrated.

Seconds later, as she ran, she suddenly tumbled backward and fell on the ground, which even prompted louder bawls and screams.

The poor little girl was probably scared and irritated by her shadow, but online users couldn’t help but find her actions very adorable.

Meanwhile, experts revealed that it is normal for little children to be scared of their shadows. In fact, shared ten reasons why these tiny tots feel that way.

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