Man shows 'hidden underground city' below the streets and it looks so scary

A gang of urban explorers lifted up a drain cover and made a shocking discovery of an entire hidden underground city.

The team of friends decided to share the film that shows their adventure underneath the abandoned Manchester street and into a chilling underground city below.

The video shows them trying to find their way through the dark passages, damp tunnels, and rooms, as well as windows with hints of bullet-firings.

The more they travel through the dark mazes of passages, the more they are awestruck by the mere size of the world below.

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Source: YouTube/Night Scape

Source: YouTube/Night Scape

The incredulity on their faces is apparent as one of the friends even asks, “Have we actually just walked into a city under Manchester?”

During their exploration, the gang even encountered strange and unexplainable noises. In the video, they are frequently heard asking each other if they noticed the eerie sounds.

Some of the highlights of the film include the friends finding out a beautiful arch with words, ‘Medical Post’ and ‘Victoria Arches’ stamped overhead.

Source: YouTube/Night Scape

Source: YouTube/Night Scape

According to Unilad, the Victoria Arches, also known as the Cathedral Steps, has great historical significance. Their story goes back to the earlier days of Manchester when the city was merely a small settlement surrounded with water-based defenses.

The Arches were primarily used for businesses in the 1800’s. Then, during World War 2 in 1906, the Arches were converted to work as air raid shelters for 1,619 occupants.

Source: YouTube/Night Scape

Source: YouTube/Night Scape

The team even discovered a huge bathroom with dozens of urinals and toilets, which are still quite intact. Additionally, the team also discovered an old row of undergrounds shops in the vast subterranean network.

The remains of Picc-Vic railway tunnel scheme, as well as the Guardian Exchange, has also resulted in the construction of some modern structures in the underground network.

The team’s surprising discovery has been viewed over one million times so far making it go viral on the internet. It has gathered over 48 likes and more than 3,000 people have presented their thoughts on it in the comments section.

Recently, officials in suburban Detroit made another such surprising discovery right under the city. However, this time it was not unexpected but just a little shocking.

The officials found ‘fatberg,’ or masses of grease, oils, and non-biodegradable waste that doesn’t get washed away, in the city sewers, and it was close to the size of a blue whale.

Here is another story of an unexpected discovery made by a group of young children, who followed a strange noise coming from inside a tube and found a baby stuck inside.

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