North Carolina boy asks Donald Trump for a hug during President's visit to New Bern city

Donald Trump visited North Carolina after the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence and made one little boy very happy by giving him a hug.

The President of the United States took some time out of his busy schedule to tour around New Bern on Wednesday, September 19.

Aside from checking the damage caused by Florence, Donald Trump interacted with a couple of his supporters, including the younger ones.

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The 72-year-old mogul visited the Baptist Church and joined a group of volunteers handing out meals to victims of the destructive storm.

Wearing a winder-breaker, Trump distributed meals at the churched while walking amid piles of destroyed furniture and other debris.


It was at this point that a little boy, whose identity is yet to be revealed, approached the President of the U.S. and politely asked him for a hug.

At first, Trump didn't hear him as he was too busy talking to one of the victims of the hurricane, but after another attempt, the President opened his arms and gave him a tight hug.


The moment was very special, not only for the boy but also for those witnessing it. Right before taking a picture with the child, Trump told the boy's mother that she had done a 'good job.'

Although Trump made quite an impression on the victims of Hurricane Florence, his visit lead other people to remember his trip to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.


At the time, the American President was highly criticized for tossing rolls of paper towels into the crowd, which was considered to be a very disrespectful act.

But the world has grown accustomed to Trump's lack of empathy or respect for the rules, just like it happened when he traveled to the United Kingdom to meet with Queen Elizabeth II.

Aside from being 15 minutes, the President of the U.S. broke the Royal protocol by walking in front of the Queen, and having one's back turned on her is something that should never happen.

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