Poor dog was destined to be euthanized, but his stunning transformation proves the opposite

Pedro Marrero
Sep 24, 2018
05:52 A.M.
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Little Benji went from a condition so miserable that merited euthanasia, to look like a real "stuffed animal," with some love and care.


Benji's story went from a case of complete helplessness to full love. When Benji was found wandering the streets, things didn’t look good for the animal, but all that suffering was about to change.

Andrea, a YouTube user, ran into Benji when the dog was hiding on the side of the road, and quickly took him to receive medical assistance.

The poor, tiny animal looked totally famished. He had open wounds all over his body, he was shaking from malnutrition, and he had only a little bit of hair left because of a serious skin infection.

Benji's ears were full of scabs, probably caused by a case of scabies. When Andrea gave it to the veterinarian, the doctor recommended euthanasia due to its terrible condition.


Devastated, Andrea could not stand the idea of putting the sweet little animal to sleep. He needed just a friendly hand that wouldn’t leave him abandoned at his worst. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Source: Youtube/Misus Yaya

Source: Youtube/Misus Yaya


Ignoring the recommendations of the medical team, Andrea decided to take responsibility for the recovery of Benji in her own hands. But the task that Andrea undertook was not simple.

The weak animal needed injections of antibiotics (applied by doctors) regularly, frequent baths, and cared for 24 hours a day. Andrea read that coconut oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, so she covered Benji's body in the oil several times a day.

Source: Youtube/Misus Yaya

Source: Youtube/Misus Yaya


As the weeks went by, and thanks to Andrea's care, Benji began to improve. Now he had a nutritious diet and constant care, and that allowed him to flourish.

He barely looked like that sad dog that Andrea found hiding in a ditch three months ago. Benji looked happy, healthy and full of energy. When his fur grew again, he even looked like a "stuffed animal"!

Source: Youtube/ Misus Yaya

Source: Youtube/ Misus Yaya


Some people would have given up on Benji after the first hurdle. But fortunately, the dog found a loving woman ready to take the effort involved in helping him recover.

Today, Benji is practically the same as any other dog. He loves playing, taking long naps in his dog bed, and going for a run on the beach.

Source: Youtube/ Misus Yaya

Source: Youtube/ Misus Yaya


Benji is certainly the perfect example of why we should "adopt, not buy." But not everyone puts the effort necessary in a situation like this, as to bring back an animal from the edge of death.

The story of Benji represents one of the thousands similar in each refuge. They are animals that deserve a second chance to have a happy life and full of love.

Source: Youtube/ Misus Yaya

Source: Youtube/ Misus Yaya


Hopefully, Benji will live the rest of his days surrounded by the love he always deserved. There is indescribable nobility in people who, like Andrea, choose to help those who need it most.

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