Beyoncé and Jay-Z look so in love in recent picture from their luxurious car

Beyonce and Jay-Z just can't get enough of each other despite spending long periods of time together because of their joint tour, "On The Run II". Recently, they posed while onboard a wide and luxurious car, which Beyonce shared on her website. 

The Carters have a lot on their plate as of the moment, juggling their tour, going sightseeing, taking care of their children, and even checking out a building site after they donated $100,000 to high school students in ten different cities that they visited on tour. 

Due to the huge success of their latest album, sold-out tour, and all the other ventures they've had in the past, Beyonce and Jay-Z are one of the most influential artists in the entire world, having a joint net worth of more than a billion dollars. 

That is why despite donating a whole lot of money to charity, they still have money to burn on luxurious things, like a huge luxury SUV, yacht rides in Italian coasts, designer wear, and basically, anything that their money can buy. On top of their donations and luxury splurges, they are also able to save money for their children and other endeavors, given the amount of money they have in total. 

Just after it was announced that they gifted $100,00 scholarships to high school students, LaToya Cantrell surprised Jay-Z and Beyonce with a key to New Orleans, acknowledging their collective humanitarian work.

Since starting their tour in Europe last June, the couple has seven shows left before the end of their joint tour. Throughout the stretch of their soldout tour, many distinguished names have visited them, including the Obamas, Nick Jonas, Elle Fanning, and even Beyonce's former Destiny's Child sisters, LeToya and LaTavia.

Now that her concert has come to an end, Beyonce shared a statement on her Instagram page a week ago,

"I’m doing what I love most with whom I love most. I wish it could never end. Feeling thankful for all of the love from our fans around the world."



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