February 01, 2019

Golden Retriever goes viral for a funny bedtime habit that'll make you smile

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Bedtime routine gets a new meaning when the video of Golden Retriever from Ohio goes viral.

Mojito, Kim Downie’s Golden Retriever started displaying a consistent chain of events before he goes to sleep at night.

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Starting one and a half years ago Mojito would select one toy each night, and drag it upstairs with her to bed.


Mojito has recently finished training to become a therapy dog, upon which Downie comments:

"She is very social and has a tendency to know who could use a little extra love, even if it's a stranger. Mojito regularly visits a nursing home in Westlake, Ohio. The patients say that she provides companionship and love." 



Downie explains:

"One day my husband decided to make Mojito an Instagram profile just to joke with me. Within a few days she had about 100 followers, we thought that was a lot. People started saying they enjoyed seeing her life so we began posting more. We never would have thought it would grow to more than 60,000!"


From his many toys, he would pick one, and carry it upstairs clamber into bed to fall asleep no matter how long it takes.

Dogs do many things for us, they protect us too.

In Long Beach, Mississippi, Police Deputy Todd Frazier was attacked by three men during a surprise ambush. His dog came to his aid after initial difficulties. For more on this: Police dog saves partner’s life after ambush attack in the woods. 


Golden Retrievers are persistent and intelligent, in another situation where a man fell into a river the dog jumped into the water to save the man.


Finding out more about why the man landed in the river, what happened to him and what the dog did in an attempt to save him can be found here Good boy! Woody the Golden Retriever leaps into action and saves a man from drowning in a South Carolina river.

Source: Facebook