Toddler melts hearts with a serious facial expression while protecting newborn sister (video)

Sisterly love has gone viral.

The story unfolds in a Pennsylvania hospital when Ashley Spaloss Neville gives birth to a baby girl.

Henley, the one and a half-year-old bigger sister to newborn Peyton feels very protective of her.

Shortly after the birth of Peyton, sister Henley climbs into her hospital bassinet with her.

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They upload a video on Facebook where it is seen how Henley cuddles up to her new baby sister.

Recorded shortly after Peyton’s birth it shows the older sister’s love and expression of protection over her.


Henley’s arm tucked in under her newborn sister, holding her protectively.

The newborns’ grandmother comes to take her and Henley reacts surprisingly.

She shakes her head in disapproval and holds Peyton closer.

The adults in the room decide not to separate them, instead asks Henley if she would like to go for a walk, with Peyton.

Her grandmother asks:

"You gonna take care of your sister?"

Henley gives a nod of approval and off they go tucked into Peyton's hospital bassinet.

The video went viral after being shared on Facebook with over five million views and counting. 

Protective instincts display in other forms too. A good example being Belgian aviator Anthony Caere bonding with an orphaned chimpanzee after rescuing him.

The clip he posted on Instagram soon became popular.

More on this at See the moment a rescued chimp bonds with the pilot who flew him to safety.


Riley, another young girl displayed the same behavior.

Soon after the birth of her baby sister, she got protective over her, refusing anyone to pick her up and hold her.

The video captures her being clear to her grandmother about her wanting to come close to her newborn sister.

For more on the story, Protective Little Girl Refuses To Let Grandma Pet Newborn Baby Sister.

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