85-year-old man beating armed robbers goes viral (video)

Denis O’Connor is the Irish 85-year-old great-grandfather who was labeled the "fearless hero" after fighting off three robbers who barged into a bar in Glanmire, Ireland.

In the viral video, Denis and another man were sitting on a table looking at the TV screens in front of them. Tim Murphy, the manager of the bar, was behind the counter also staring front.

Suddenly, three people wearing ski masks got into the store armed with hammers and a sawed-off shotgun. The younger man sitting next to O’Connor threw himself to the ground and rolled under the table to try to avoid contact with the criminals.

Denis just stoop up and wait for the robbers to move. The one with the weapon threatened him, but the senior man looked unimpressed.


Two of the criminals jumped the counter and started attacking Tim, but Denis went to the rescue. The octogenarian started fighting one of the criminals whose only reaction was to escape.

He chased him, but the robber fled. The criminal with the gun noticed the fight, so he pointed at the senior man, but Denis used a stool and scared him off, too.

Source: YouTube/Global News

Source: YouTube/Global News


The third and final thief was fighting Murphy behind the counter and tried to escape; however, Denis stood between him and the door. The masked man attempted to jump and avoid the octogenarian, but Denis managed to kick him and threw him to the ground.

Source: Twitter/RTE News

Source: Twitter/RTE News

Soon later, the senior man kicked the robber once again while he was crawling his way out of the store and pushed him out of the bar. Tim later revealed that he was grateful that Denis was in the store.

Source: Twitter/RTE News

Source: Twitter/RTE News


Even the authorities praised his actions. However, they advised people not to fight thieves as things could have ended up in a tragedy.


Something similar took place in Leicester earlier this year when 22-year-old Yusuf Aka got inside the emergency reception of the Leicester Royal Infirmary wielding a knife.

Caroline Clayton-Baker, one of the nurses of that shift, realized what was happening, so she urged the patients and the rest of the people in the room out of there before the attacker could do something.

The nurse added that she noticed that Aka could “cause havoc,” so she took control of the situation as good as she could and then left.  The criminal was arrested and will spend five years in prison.

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