Sweet dog brings a cookie to calm a crying baby and the video goes viral with 17 million views

The little Chihuahua shows visible concern over a baby.

The baby was laying on a blanket on the carpet on his back, crying.

The little Chihuahua can be seen running up to the crying baby offering him a biscuit.

Proceeding to lay close paying attention to the baby. Having the appearance of wanting to comfort him.

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As the biscuit drops next to the baby someone is seen in the video picking it up and giving back to the dog.

The person does this a few times because every time the Chihuahua takes the biscuit, he tries to give it back to the baby.

Offering the crying baby solace of sorts,  trying to make him feel better he stays close using the only what he associates with feeling better, eating a biscuit.

Their little dog stays close to the baby edging forward every time the baby cries louder, clearly affected by the baby crying.

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