Teacher surprises pre-k student with identical hairdo to instill confidence

Leigha Bishop is a pre-kindergarten teacher at the Lakeview Elementary School in Sugar Land, Texas, who had a simple yet important gesture with one of her students.

In a conversation Leigha had with Babble, she revealed that one of her students, August Burroughs, got into her classroom wearing a beautiful hairdo, and she knew that she had to try it.

Leigha approached her 4-year-old student and told her that she looked very cute and asked her not to be mad at her the following day as she would copy her style. August probably didn’t believe it, so she didn’t think about it that much.

The next day, Leigha got into the classroom with the very same braided updo that August had, and the photo they took together showed how happy the little girl was.

“With my student’s hair being similar to mine, I thought what better way to show her how she inspired me to feel beautiful with that same braided updo hairstyle?” revealed Leigha.


Talking to Today, the 29-year-old teacher said that, apart from making August feel good about her hairdo, it was her way to instill confidence not only in her but the rest of her students.


According to her, children need to know that they have the ability to inspire not only teachers but everybody. August mother, Evarista Burroughs, revealed that her daughter came home that day very happy exclaiming: “Ms. Bishop and I have the same hair!”

"August is the youngest of five girls. Having someone that pays attention to just her is so awesome, especially because all five girls have very different hair,” admitted Evarista.

After that day, August would frequently ask her mother to make her hair pretty so “Ms. Bishop will like it.”


Linda Culpepper was only three years old when the 2015 video of herself coaching and encouraging her father, Derrick, while he was styling her hair for school went viral.

In the clip, Derrick was doing his best at making his daughter’s hair while Linda kept guiding him step by step and even praising him for his good job. So far, that video has gathered more than one million views.

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