84-year-old man does his blind wife's makeup in viral video

An 84-year-old man is melting hearts in a viral video revealing how helpful he is to his blind wife by applying her makeup for her. 

Des Monahan and his wife Mona redefined the meaning of #RelationshipGoals when they hit headlines earlier this year proving how far their love can go. Knowing his wife was beginning to go blind and wouldn’t be able to put makeup on herself, Des took it upon himself to learn the basics, taking lessons from a makeup counter in their local Debenhams so he could assist his wife with the task. After months of learning, Des now applies his wife’s makeup from lipstick to bronzer to eyeliner. 

Their story has since gone viral and even prompted Kardashian makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic to arrange a meeting with the 57-years-married couple from Ireland.

And in August, cosmetics brand EX1 Cosmetics got them to star in their first beauty tutorial video which has more than 28,000 views on Facebook today.

In the YouTube style vlog, Des is seen putting foundation on his wife and rubbing it with a beauty blender while giving his viewers a lesson on “less is more.”

He proceeds to flatter his wife by saying she has “flawless” skin that Michelangelo would be envious of. Des applies just a little concealer claiming his wife doesn’t need much because she’s perfect. 

Throughout the clip, Des demonstrates his process of putting his wife’s makeup while showering her with compliments. Mona is equally appreciative and says, 

“I love the idea of getting up and getting my face done, ready to face the world. I absolutely love it. Oh, I’m in heaven.”

The story of Des and Mona resonates in many who only wish to grow old and still be in love with their spouses. It’s as inspiring as another couple who’ve been married for 80 years yet their love never weaned. In a video taken by their grandson, Arthur and Marcia Jacobs reveal their strong connection despite Marcia’s inability to speak sentences. On the eve of their 80th anniversary, Arthur sat by Marcia’s bedside and spoke to her about his love for her. Marcia, who could only utter a “hello,” grabs his hand instead and warmly kisses it in response. The couple is proof that love is timeless and knows no boundaries. 

Meanwhile, another couple who met on a school bus in 1947 found their way back to each other decades later to say "I do."  Jim and Janice Catlin were already in their 80's when they saw each other again and rekindled their connection before settling down with each other. Jim, 88, revealed he felt like a 21-year-old again before kissing his 86-year-old bride on their wedding day.

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