Drowning dog desperately clinging to life was rescued in the nick of time

Brave young man rescues a desperate dog from certain death by drowning in a well.

An 80-foot-deep uncovered well nearly proved fatal for an unwary dog who fell in and could not get out again on its own.

The dog's rescue was recorded and posted on YouTube by Animal Aid Unlimited, India, and has garnered nearly 30 million views.

The dog was found by a passing villager swimming at the bottom of a deep well in Ajaysar village, in Rajasthan, northern India. The man called Animal Aid and animal rescue worker Nandu, was sent in to save the animal.

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

"I was scared at first, but actually, she was more scared than me. So I had to help her. There are hundreds of uncovered wells in the area. They’re so very dangerous, not only for animals but for humans too."

Nandu, Daily Mail, May 4, 2017.


Nandu had to lower himself into the well with a makeshift harness made from a tire and some rope. He climbed down the sheer rock face of the well 80 feet to reach the dog still desperately paddling in the deep water.

Jemma Sadler, a spokesperson for the animal hospital TOLFA (Tree of life for animals), in Rajasthan explained that Nandu had been chosen for the mission because he can swim, which is a rarity in Rajasthan which is a desert. 

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India


It took Nandu two hours to reach the dog who was getting weaker and weaker as it swam in the well's deep waters with no-where to rest.

When Nandu eventually reached the dog he had no idea how the terrified animal would react. It is not unusual for panicked animals to lash out at rescue workers.

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Source: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India


As Nandu slowly lowered himself closer to the animal, it trustingly swam towards him and allowed the rescue worker to place it inside a net bag so it could be hoisted to the surface.

Nandu took the frightened animal to TOLFA where it was examined and fed. Before it was returned to  Ajaysar village, the dog was also sterilized and given a rabies vaccine.


Another dog was saved from drowning in Milwaukee. The animal had been swimming in a lagoon when it became entangled in the weeds and was at risk of drowning.

Milwaukee Police Officers Joe Pringola and Mike Smith were at a park helping children who were fishing at a lagoon when they saw a dog jump into the water.

They saw the animal jump into the lagoon and fished it out, but the dog ran back in immediately and became entangled in the weeds growing in the muddy bottom of the lagoon.

Officer Spingola went in after the dog once again and saved the animal from drowning. The officers took the frightened pooch to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.

In a related story, a dog on a pleasure cruise on a lake in North Carolina became so excited that she started running back and forth on the back of the boat and fell off.

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