Video of marine platoon performing trick drill goes viral

A group of Marines from Parris Island are going viral with their special twist on the Marine Drill. 

Their drill instructor said they had a few minutes to spare so he taught them the routine "on the fly." And it's impressive! Especially if the complexity of the routine is taken into consideration. 

They can be seen in the middle of the field, their starting point, before marching to the other side. When they return, the group splits up into four smaller groups, each walking in their own direction before coming together as a group again. 

The Instructor explained that it's called "The Money Drill" and also said that the 5060 Drill & Ceremonies Manual "specifically says that the Trick Drill may be taught once they master all standard drill movements," which they've done. 

Before we show you the amazing footage, a marine who unmasked an imposter at an airport is also going viral at the moment. 

The incident was caught on film back in 2015 by the soldier's wife. He approached the imposter after coming to the conclusion that the man's outfit was fake. He wanted to accuse him of committing "Stolen Valor," when people display military badges they did not earn. 

The man didn't deny the claim but told the soldier that he also never said he was a real marine. The reason for wearing the outfit, the man claimed, is because he "went to a wedding." The soldier remained calm but told the man that he was actually breaking the law by pretending to be an Army officer. 

The soldier later explained that the seeing an imposter in a military outfit "hurts" because he saw so many of his friends killed in Vietnam, "and they wore the uniform proudly and served their country proudly." The Stolen Valor Act was signed into effect back in 2013.

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most?



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