February 08, 2019

Ivanka Trump copies Melania’s 2017 outfit style at UN General Assembly

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Ivanka Trump took a page out of her stepmother's style book when she attended the UN General Assembly this week to support her father. 

She made a statement in a checked grey power suit similar to the one First Lady Melania wore back in 2017 when she attended the same event. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. Their outfits can be seen below. 

Ivanka looked elegant in the layered suit which consisted of a double-breasted jacket length-length pencil skirt. 


The jacket featured padded shoulders and large black buttons which gave it a sophisticated and polished look. 

She accessorized with a pair of pearl earrings, and her blonde locks were styled in her signature look: left loose to cascade down her shoulders. 


Melania looked just as stunning when she wore a grey check suit. However, she chose to wear a plain black shirt underneath the jacket. 

The 36-year-old First Daughter and ambassador to the President arrived at the Assembly with her brother Eric Trump to show support for their father. 


Unlike their father, who was laughed at the UN Assembly for saying his administration did more during the past two years than any other administration, Ivanka doesn't engage her critics. 


The reason for that: she believes "ignoring the noise" is better than to pay any attention to the naysayers. Ivanka explained: 

“I tend not to respond. I tend not to debunk the criticism. I tend not to say when things are blatantly factually inaccurate. Because I view my experience here as such precious time.”


Ivanka has seen people in her circle who care too much about criticism "go down the rabbit hole of caring what people think about them."

She added that getting defensive only takes up time and serves no purpose in the long run. She said: 

“Not only does it drain your energy, not only does it sometimes cause your internal compass to go awry,  […] but I find getting too sort of engaged in the daily chaos as distracting.”