92-year-old granny goes viral for dancing with strangers in the rain

A 92-year-old grandmother from Nottinghill is taking the world by storm after her Notting Hill Carnival photos went viral. 

Her granddaughter, Angelica Malin, shared the photos online and it made headlines. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. 

Malin explained in the caption that Elizabeth Seabrooke "danced to the floor with strangers in the rain." She added:

"May this be a lesson to us all, that you are as old as you feel. Just *look* at the joy in her lovely face."

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Seabrook "ate some corn, she drank a rum cocktail, and she had a very good time."

Since her photos had been making headlines around the world, many have noted that the nonagenarian had radiant skin. 

She received enquires about her skin care regime from near and far, prompting Malin to share a video of Seabrooke sharing her secrets. Malin said: 

"So many have asked for Granny Malin’s skincare regime, so here you go. If she hasn’t signed a brand endorsement deal with @LidlUK by the end of the day, I will be most disappointed."

The granny said in the short video clips that her the only two things she relies on for good skin, are "Lidl cream and an open heart."

At the time of writing, Lidl UK has not reached out to Seabrooke as yet, nor have they responded to the tweet. 

Seabrooke had always wanted to be an actress but never got the opportunity to pursue her passion because her father didn't think it was a career for respectable girls. 

With the help of her granddaughter, Seabrooke is now reaching out to casting directors in the hopes that her dreams will come true. 

Some will argue that laughter is also the key to a youthful appearance, and granny from Scottland gave a fine of example of that recently. 

Janice Clark was caught on camera reading the Wonky Donkey to her 4-year-old grandson, but her antics left netizens in stitched. 

She found the book so hilarious that she laughed uncontrollably through most of it. Read the full story here. 

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