Tiger's maternal instinct defeated death when newborn cub battled to breathe

Kaitlyn, a Sumatran tiger in an Australian Zoo, proved just how strong a mother's instinct can be when she saved one of her cubs. 

Sumatran tigers are rare and Kaitlyn's cubs were considered the most valuable ones ever born at the zoo. However, one of the cubs stopped breathing soon after being born and the staff thought they had lost him. 

But Kaitlyn didn't give up that easily and the first-time mother began licking his body immediately. She continued licking until he was completely clean and the motion of her tongue stimulated the cub's lungs. After a few minutes, the zookeeper heard the cub's first squeak.

Kaitlyn gave birth to two male cubs that day and thanks to her natural instincts, both cubs survived. 

But before we show you the adorable footage, allow us to introduce Lee Lee. She gave birth to twin cubs and zookeepers had to switch them out several times a day to keep both alive. It is common for pandas to give birth to twins, but one cub will inevitably die.

Lee Lee didn't even know that she had twin cubs, and thanks to the zookeeper's charade, both cubs get to benefit from her love and mother's milk. As can be seen in the image above, the zookeeper distracts Lee Lee with a bowl of honey water before she gently removes the cub and takes it to the incubator.

It swaps places with its a twin and will stay in the incubator for a few hours while the other twin gets to spend some quality time with the doting Lee Lee. The panda mom is very protective of her cub and distracting her takes tremendous effort and patience from the zookeeper. 

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most?



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