Newborn twins force nurse to put them back together again with heartbreaking cries

A set of twins born back in February of this year couldn't stand to be separated from each other and the nurse was forced to reunite them. 

They would cry hysterically the moment they were separated but would stop crying once they were reunited. The father, Dany Lyman, recorded the footage which soon went viral. 

Daily Mail shared his video on their YouTube channel back in May and the short clip received 10,000 views in no time. One Facebook the video was viewed nearly 200,000 times. Lyman, who is a medical student, explained that a baby's sense of hearing and touch develops before sight. 

They can pick up vibrations while still in the womb and twins especially find comfort when they are able to reach out and touch their siblings. 

Before we share the remarkable footage with you, allow us to introduce the Chihuahua Quina, who playfully rolled over when he introduced to his owner's newborn baby. 

Yvonne, the 33-year-old mother from Dublin, Ireland, said Quica was protective of her belly even before her baby was born. Whenever her husband touched her belly, Quica would "try to protect the bump and would snap at Eddie to get his hand away."

Chihuahuas often have a bad reputation for being moody animals, and even though Quica was protecting of Yvonne's belly, she never showed any aggression towards the newborn. 

She was excited to meet the newborn, and the adorable exchange was caught on camera. Quica has now taken on the role of older sister to baby Nicolas. She protects him at all times and loves to play. Yvonne said she's very gentle too. 

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most? 



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