He's the first ice skating dog in the world

Odette Odendaal
Sep 27, 2018
11:01 A.M.
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Benny skates around the ice rink with the ice hockey stick in his mouth, but it took practice. When former ice skating coach Cheryl Del Sangro, 56, took her dog Benny along to a rink to practice last year she saw him scooting around the ice happily and decided to train him.

When Benny, a golden labrador was just a pup he was at risk of being euthanized if he could not find an owner, when Cheryl Del Sangro from Las Vegas, Nevada saw him the first time she knew she had to make Benny part of the family.


Cheryl said:

“From day one, I couldn’t believe how anyone could not want this dog. He was absolutely perfect. We had this bond from the first day,”

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Cheryl has been teaching Benny to skate for the past year and even tries to play ice hockey noting that Benny was ‘uncommonly smart and agile.”


Dogs can partake in many activities with us, enjoying themselves in ways we often don't expect, but like Benny, there are other dogs doing incredible things. The third World Dog Surfing Championships was held on August 4, 2018, where the surfer dogs battled it out in the waves, the money raised for two dedicated animal charities, more information can be found here.


On August 4, 2018, the third World Dog Surfing Championships was held where the best surfer dogs battled to take home the medal while winning the hearts of the crowd with their performances.

Spectators watched the dogs at the event, which was aimed to raise money for two charities dedicated to animals. Just like Benny, they practice their respective activities with joy. 

Leading up to the start of Benny’s training Cheryl said:

“Our daughter, Brittany, I taught her to skate when she was 17 months old. I thought, well, if I could get a little 17-month-old to skate, why couldn’t I get him to skate?”


Benny would follow Cheryl around on the ice enjoying rolling around in the ice. They took dog boots and old blades and glued them together, with Benny on a link at first in order for Cheryl to help him along on his feet. She also said:

“He’s getting more powerful and soon we will have to get the skates professionally put together.”

A friend that saw Benny on the ice told Cheryl that she should make a video of Benny and she did, Sheryl commented:

“He knows how to turn now, and do crossovers, and he can do little bunny hops with his front feet.”


Having three dogs whom she had trained she saw potential in Benny and aim to teach him to perform during a Vegas Golden Knights’ NHL match, saying:

“Our mission is to get a little bit more ice time. Next, I want to teach him a routine, maybe to do a spin with some music. Every time anybody sees him skate, they just laugh. It’s so unbelievable.” 

If Benny reacts with such joy on the ice, you can imagine what some dogs would do in the snow, to see what happens to a dog when he encounters snow for the first time follow this link.