Rihanna's Hollywood Hills home broken into for the second time in months

Rihanna’s home faces another burglary just months after a suspect was apprehended for breaking into the same property. 

Another case of burglary has been reported from Rihanna’s Hollywood home following a previous attempt in May.

The singer was reportedly not in her home when authorities responded to her Hollywood Hills home’s sophisticated alarm system that went off at around 10:30 pm.  Three suspected men were spotted by police fleeing the scene in a silver vehicle. 

There were no details provided on whether anything was stolen but an investigation is ongoing and officers believe they have solid evidence they can use. 

This is the second time Rihanna’s home has been broken into this year and the third time her alarm went off. In May, police arrested Eduardo Leon who trespassed in her property and stayed inside for 12 hours. The singer’s assistant who found him alerted the LAPD who arrested him with the use of a taser. Leon, 26, was charged with burglary and stalking.

Meanwhile, in August, Rihanna’s alarm system accidentally went off prompting the police to rush to her home. It was later discovered it was a false alarm and no actual burglary took place. 

Celebrities have been taking a hit lately with multiple robberies. Actress Christina Millan’s home was also robbed twice this month in a span of four days.  Millan was on vacation with her boyfriend when burglars penetrated her home and stole $100k worth of jewelry. A few days later, as cops were still investigating the first theft, suspects broke into her property again. It was unclear at the time if the two burglaries were related and if there was anything stolen on the second attempt. However, the perpetrators at both times reportedly entered the property the same way- by smashing the side door causing the alarm system to be triggered. 

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