Country dad and daughter perform awesome routine and their dance goes viral

Joshua Samarco and his aspiring dancer daughter Austynn busted out some moves on YouTube and the world was enthralled by their unique bond.

The daddy-daughter duo did an original routine choreographed by the young girl herself to the song "Classic" by MTKO. 

Joshua wore full cowboy attire while Austynn wore a black outfit with a plaid shirt tied around her waist and sneakers. The dance video is found below.

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Source: YouTube/ Ellentube

Source: YouTube/ Ellentube

In the clip, the two start with energetic twirls, spins, and even a flip. Joshua assisted his 12-year-old daughter with all these, showing off his expert dance partnering.

Source: YouTube/ Ellentube

Source: YouTube/ Ellentube

This was not the first time the duo performed for the world, however. Joshua had time to hone his skills when the two danced to the then-popular "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silento earlier in 2014.

Austynn then came front and center to do the moonwalk. She rounded it off with another flip that she landed with a split.

Source: YouTube/ Ellentube

When her father picked her up, it was his turn to showcase a professional-level "Carlton dance." 

Then he joined his daughter and the two did a side-by-side twerk-off before finishing by standing back to back in a "Charlie's Angels" pose. 

Viewers admired the display not least of all for the time and genuine effort put into it by Joshua. His willingness to not only support Austin's passion but to help her along is nothing short of incredible.

In August 2018, a two-year-old girl got her spirits lifted by her father when he decided to surprise her with a dance.

Phoenix Thompson was in the hospital for acute myeloid leukemia and would have to undergo several rounds of chemotherapy.

One day her father Brett Thompson put on his best suit and tie on, put a gold dress on his daughter, and invited Phoenix for an adorable father-daughter dance right there in her hospital room. 

The beaming child in her father's arms pushed the heartwarming video to make the rounds on social media. On Facebook, it racked up almost 250, 000 views.

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