Chris Brown's baby mama reveals daughter Royalty stole $300 'because she wanted her own room'

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman are in the middle of a tough battle regarding child support payments for their four-year-old daughter, Royalty, so the girl took matters into her own hands.

According to The Blast, Royalty reportedly grabbed $300 from her grandmother’s purse, took the money to her mother’s home, gave it to Nia, and told her that she did it because she wanted to help her mother buy a house as she wanted her own room.

Nia and Royalty live in a 2-bedroom apartment in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and they have to share the bed. The proud mother has said several times that she is in “survival mode.”

Apart from that, Nia said that Royalty was not happy with the housing arrangement. It is important to note that Chris lives in a big mansion in Tarzana.


Due to the current child support arrangement, Chris is supposed to pay Nia $2,500 plus $4,000 monthly for Royalty’s nanny. However, Nia claims that it is not enough. The girl’s mother added that Chris owes about $250,000 in back child support, too.


Chris’ lawyers recently accused Nia of telling Royalty that her father didn’t pay child support, to what the mother defended herself saying that she talked about that topic to Royalty because she asked why they were “not living in a home.”

Nia pointed out that Chris wouldn't let Royalty take the fancy clothes he has bought her to her mother’s house, and that every time she visited him in his mansion, Chris would ask Royalty to change her clothes before leaving.


The worldwide famous boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. gifted Nia $20,000 so she could start her clothing business. The woman admitted that it had been a friendly gesture, though people believe that it might be related to the previous issues the boxer and the rapper had. 


Even though their dispute is tough, they make sure that Royalty lives a good life. In a recent video that Brown uploaded to Instagram, the girl appeared dancing in the middle of the crowd during one of his concerts.


Another clip that the rapper uploaded earlier this year showed Royalty watching the video of Chris and Lil’ Dicky’s song “Freaky Friday” wherein the girl had a short cameo.

When Royalty saw herself running in the video clip, she started laughing and said, “that has to be me!” The ex-couple fans hope that their estranged relationship doesn’t affect Royalty’s life.

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