10-year-old boy who lost both legs gets a surprise meeting with an amputee dog

Amputee Golden Retriever,  Chi Chi, becomes the gift for Owen Mahan, a boy with amputated legs. Life has become a little brighter for the young Indiana native who has lost both his legs due to severe injuries.


Chi Chi is now Owen’s companion and is to act as a therapist for him while he continues to recover from severe burns he received to his entire body from a fire.


Owen gets to meet Chi Chi for the first time this week, it’s a surprise and his mother Susan Mahan is elated. She is having a hard time keeping the good news a secret from her son who has suffered quite an ordeal.


“It’s been so hard. I want to tell him so bad” 


At the age of two  Owen Mahan suffered burns to more about 98% of his body and his legs had to be amputated when he reached the age of ten, because of the severity of his injuries. His new found companion Chi Chi is now 3 years old. The amputated dog was rescued as it too was suffering, this was as a result of poor conditions. 


Chi Chi is a candidate for amputee dog therapy and is from Arizona which is several miles from Pittsboro, Indiana. The two will meet when Owen travels to Arizona to meet his new friend.


Owen who has had to undergo multiple surgeries has received an answer to his prayers as members of his community have reached out to help him and his family. 


“I say God left him here for a reason, and I see that in him everyday. He inspires people."


His mother’s hope is that young Mahan may also be inspired when he meets Chi Chi.


“Watching Chi Chi and all Chi Chi’s doing, all Chi Chi can still do, I think it will just motivate him to continue.”

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