Dolly Parton sings a powerful Easter classic and her rendition is amazing

Country legend Dolly Parton performed an Easter classic at an award show, and it was breathtaking.

During the 1989 Country Music Association Awards, Parton, 72, took the stage to sing "He's Alive."

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The audience was moved to tears with her incredible rendition of the Don Francisco gospel song, which was originally written in 1980.

During the performance, Parton, who is the most honored female country performer of all time, was joined on stage by a Christ Church Choir.

It was a show-stopping performance that brought the crowd to its feet for a standing ovation.

The multi-awarded singer's version of "He's Alive" earned her a high-ranking spot in Billboard’s Top 100 on the country charts. She also won Francisco two notable Dove Awards, as reported by Classic Country Music.

Parton revealed in an interview with that she had wanted to record "He's Alive" ever since she heard it come across a small town’s radio waves.

During that time, she was with her husband making their way back to Nashville from California.

“I always intended to do it because it moved me and I hadn’t had the opportunity because I wanted to do it with somebody that was Christian," Parton told the website.

“You have to really feel something and be passionate about it, and believe in it to do it…the song meant a lot to me,” she added.

For her 2003 album, "For God And Country," Parton also covered the song "Ballad of the Green Berets." The song was originally recorded by Barry Sadler in 1966.

Source: YouTube/NedNickerson2010

Source: YouTube/NedNickerson2010

The country icon recorded it to pay homage to American special forces. It became a hit soon after it was released, peaking at number one on the Hot 100 chart. The song cast the military in a positive light.

Parton is known for promoting good causes. She has established the Imagination Library, which gives books to newborns until they reach kindergarten.

The past few years have seen her getting deeply involved with children. Her recent albums, in fact, was meant to raise money to provide more books to more children.

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