October 03, 2018

Willie Nelson sang a song written by a 92-year-old woman and her reaction was priceless

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Lyndel Rhodes, 92, couldn't contain her happiness after Willie Nelson recorded the song she wrote.

Rhodes, who wanted to become a published songwriter, had written a song called “Little House On The Hill,” as reported by Country Music Nation.

Her son, songwriter and producer, Buddy Cannon, helped in making her dream come true in October 2016.

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Cannon has worked with several artists, including Nelson, George Strait, Bill Anderson, Jamey Johnson, and Reba McEntire.

One day, he decided to pitch his mother's song to Nelson because he felt like the singer was the right person to record it.

"[It] stuck in my head all these years, and when it came time to work on Willie Nelson's new album, I thought it'd be something he'd like," Cannon told TODAY.


Rhodes' “Little House On The Hill” became the lead-off track for Nelson’s album, "God’s Problem Child," which was released in 2017.


Cannon decided to film her mother's reaction to the recording to celebrate her first writing credit.

"I wanted to capture her reaction to listening to Willie sing the song for the first time, but she was very emotional," Cannon said.


In the video he posted on YouTube, the song can be heard playing in the background when Cannon asks Rhodes, “What are you listening to?”

The senior woman replies, “Little House On The Hill.” She then admits that she tried to write the lyrics.

When Cannon asked her who was singing her song, Rhodes responded, “Mister Willie.”

Source: YouTube/ Buddy Cannon


Rhodes started to sing along to the song as Nelson's voice flooded from the speakers.

Though her voice was cracking and fading, she gave the duet her all for the short few seconds it lasted.

The clip then shows Rhodes' feet, which were bouncing up and down in her slippers in excitement.

Many people around the world have now watched Rhodes wiggles her feet as she sang along.