Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spotted taking public train to royal event

New royalty Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were spotted taking the public train together to a royal event. The video was uploaded on Twitter by a surprised citizen.

Last September 24, 2018, Twitter user Jonny Norton posted a tweet of a video of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex riding a train from Loughborough station. The tweet said: “Bizarrely sharing my train with Harry & Meghan today #LoughboroughToLeicester.” The video shows the two royalties walking in the station while holding hands, surrounded by minders and security. 

The newlyweds were off to attend the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University. The two decided to take a public train to the event, with the security of course, for a faster and more efficient trip. Obviously, they were the center of attention, having royalty aboard the same transportation as normal citizens, something they do not do on a daily basis. However, this was not the first time that Meghan and Harry have taken the public train to an event. They too took the train on their first official visit in Cardiff, in which they arrived an hour late to. Harry said his apologies:

“Most of you have freezing cold hands! We’re very sorry we’re late. Blame the trains!”

Meghan has also been on a train with Queen Elizabeth before, but not just any train – the Queen's luxurious private train. The Duchess of Sussex rode the train with the Queen to their first joint engagement in Cheshire, which took an overnight ride to get there.

While it clearly wasn't their first time to ride public transportation, this one was quite a memorable one given that they were off to Loughborough University for one of Prince Harry's charitable works. In the event, the two made sure to interact with the students and coaches there, who were all entertained after Harry and Meghan played ball in their formalwear. 

What made everything more admirable was the fact that Meghan was sporting tall heels while playing, but it didn't seem to bother her. 

News like these make it so much easier to realize that the members of the British Royal family are all just human too, and they are capable of being "commoners" if they chose to. 

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