October 01, 2018

Heartbreaking last video of teen girl moments before she died from eating a sandwich

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A 15-year-old named Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died from an allergic reaction after eating a Pret A Manger sandwich aboard a British Airways flight.

The teenager was allergic to sesame seeds but the ingredient hadn't been listed on the package, causing her to collapse on the plane.

As reported by The Guardian, the coroner responsible for conducting the autopsy blasted Pret for their 'inadequate' packaging and careless way of running its business.

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Dr. Sean Cummings shamed the food giant store for not monitoring potentially fatal food allergens and not taking them seriously.

All ingredients should be perfectly visible on the package and, in Dr. Cummings' opinion, the fact that a business that sells over 200 million items a year doesn't care about the dangers of allergens is mind-blowing.



It all happened in 2016; Natasha was on a flight to Nice with Bethany Holloway, her best friend, and Nadim, her father, who recently shared a short video of his daughter giving the camera a thumbs up before take-off.

Twenty minutes after eating an artichoke, olive and tapenade baguette, the 15-year-old started complaining of an itchy throat, and a little after that, her body became covered in red blisters and she suffered a cardiac arrest.


Now, the grieving father not only blames the food store but also the law, which Pret claimed to have followed. Nadim said that if the store followed the inadequate food labeling laws, then 'the law played Russian roulette' with Natasha's life.



Food labeling shouldn't be taken lightly because Natasha wasn't the first one to lose her life due to a food company's careless packaging methods. In July, Kelli Travers-Stafford took to social media to warn the world about her daughter's death.


Her name was Alexi, she was 15 years old and died from an allergic reaction after mistaking a Chips Ahoy peanut butter cookie with a regular one due to the similar package.

Alexi was at a friends' house and ate the cookie without knowing that it contained peanuts; within a few minutes, she went into anaphylactic shock and stopped breathing, and all because of a product that wasn't properly labeled.