Adorable video of dog kissing firefighter who rescued him from roof goes viral

A beautiful Husky dog that was stuck on the roof of his home didn’t hesitate in showing his appreciation for the firefighter that took one for the team to help him. The adorable video has become viral after the Wells Maine Police Department posted it.

There are times where animals are nobler than people, and dogs, in particular, keep on proving that we don’t deserve them.

An adorable exemplar of Husky has been melting hearts all over social media with a straightforward demonstration of gratitude. The pooch couldn’t contain his excitement while being rescued from the porch roof of his home in Maine.

Everything started when several neighbors noticed the dog sitting around on the roof of his house. The pup came out from one of the windows of the second floor, but couldn’t go back in probably because the window closed down.

Worried about the doggy and the danger he could face if he were to fall from the roof, people started to call Maine Police to help it. Officer Steve McDonald joined forces with the Maine Fire Department to rescue the pooch.

When they arrived at the scene, Wells Fire Captain Jeff Nawfel used a ladder to get to the dog. The pup was pacing back and forth on the roof, and Nawfel said the good boy didn’t look in distress at all. In fact, in a video of the incident the dog seems relaxed as he enjoys the company of his new friend while hanging out in the roof.

At some point though, the Husky gave Nawfel a token of his appreciation by planting a wet kiss on his face. The adorable moment was caught on camera by McDonald, who can be heard awing in the background.

After receiving the kisses with joy, Nawfel scooped the dog and got him inside the house through the upstairs window, ensuring the pup’s safeness.

“Even doggies need to be saved sometimes!” wrote the Maine Police Department on Facebook along with pictures of the incident.

“This beautiful dog managed to get out onto the roof of his home thru an upstairs window. We received numerous calls but one concerned citizen, Phil Burke, discovered him early on and notified us. Another awesome citizen stood by with the dog until we could arrive on the scene! Officer McDonald, in conjunction with the Wells Fire Department, worked together to rescue him! Thank you to all that called and helped save him.”

“Thank you kisses to Captain Nawfel! It's pawsatively love! Is there anything more stunning than an animal expressing gratitude?!” they captioned an adorable pic of the sweet moment between Nawfel and the dog.


Steve Markell wanted to show people how much damage can cause to a dog being chained for long periods of time. So, when he was told there was a dog who needed to be rescued, he saw the perfect opportunity to document the journey.

The man is a professional dog handler, so he knew exactly how to handle the situation when Alex, a German shepherd, showed signs of distress by behaving aggressively and trying to bite Markell if he approached it. However, after 25 minutes of coaxing, Markell was able to get up close and free the dog from its chain, taking him away from the horrible place.

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

Source: Youtube/olympicanimals

Less than 24 hours later, Alex went from trying to bit Markell to sitting on his lap wanting to be pet. Markell explained that like Alex, most dogs that are chained are not aggressive, they just need the right dose of love and comfort.

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