Baby makes her mother cry from laughter after speaking to her father on the phone

This adorable baby girl became viral after she was captured on the phone with her father, babbling away while her mother laughed hysterically in the background.

Then 16-month-old Emilia was seen walking around their living room and chatting away with her father, who was out of town, on the other end of the line.

At the time, Emilia was probably copying what the adults do when they are calling on the phone.

She was talking as if she was telling her father about her day, but what made it hilarious was that she was babbling in baby talk.

Source: YouTube/ thedondes

Source: YouTube/ thedondes

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Emilia’s mother was having the time of her life, watching her daughter having a supposedly serious conversation with her father.

It was a good thing she was able to capture the adorable moment even though she was busy laughing and gushing over her 16-month-old.

Source: YouTube/ thedondes

Source: YouTube/ thedondes

At the time when Emilia learned how to control her voice, her parents realized that she wasn’t going to be one of the silent types.

Often, Emilia would babble away and make the adults laugh with her supposed conversations.

When her mother captured the video in 2010, Emilia’s father was out of town.

Source: YouTube/ thedondes

Source: YouTube/ thedondes

He was calling to check on his family, and the baby wasn’t going to let that moment go to waste. She just had to have a lengthy chat with her father.

At some point, Emilia uttered the word “buggies” when she spotted bugs outside their home. She also said “num-nums” when she was talking about food.

Source: YouTube/ thedondes

Source: YouTube/ thedondes

On the other end of the line, Emilia’s father was listening intently to her daughter’s babbles.

Even though he couldn’t understand anything, he most likely thought that the funny conversation was never a waste of his time.

With Emilia’s adorable babbles, it wasn’t long until the video became viral at the time, now reaching more than 11 million hits on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Web MD explained why baby talking is crucial for your children’s language development.

They said the soothing voice that comes with it helps in making the babies listen more intently compared to your normal adult voice.

The site explained how to effectively talk to your baby to make sure that they absorb as many learnings as they can get from you as their parents.

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