Brave firefighter abandons his wedding to fight a house fire

While your wedding day is one of the most important in your life, there are circumstances that can’t be ignored. That happened to Jeremy Bourasa, who decided to celebrate his nuptials with Krista Bourasa at the fire station where he volunteers.

As reported by FoxNews, they were already in the photos when a call came to the station about a fire in a nearby house and without thinking twice, Jeremy put on his uniform and left the reception for three hours to go to fulfill his duty.

Upon his return, his 120 guests received him with a standing ovation to congratulate him for his brave work, one that does not leave even on his wedding day. "The fire was very big, and I could hear the team say they needed more men. I saw Jeremy and I realized what he was thinking. "

"He looked so indecisive and I said, 'Just go,'" Krista told Fox, "You must know when to put someone above you. I would expect everyone to do the same if he were in my position. Someone's house was on fire, so at that moment, they needed it more than I did. I felt very proud. "

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The boyfriend without thinking left the bride and everyone at the reception then went to put on his firefighter suit and went out with the team to put out the fire. Surprisingly, one of the reasons Jeremy decided to become a firefighter was because of a tragedy that Krista suffered because of the fire.

"I lost my niece and my nephew in a fire in his house two years ago ... three years ago, my sister's house burned completely, that was before Jeremy became a fireman, and it was after that happened that he said: 'Ok, yes, I'm going to do it,' " the girlfriend told.

Being a firefighter is for many a work of great passion, there are those who consider that this trade is 24 hours since you always have the instinct to help, so much so that that great day Jeremy decided to make a great sacrifice and answer.

The husband already has two children and is proud that what happened is an example for them and that they also share it with their offspring. The bride in her personal Facebook account has shared a few words in gratitude to all that has happened in these last days.

"The last 5 years have been some of the most difficult, some of the most tragic and also some of the most beautiful moments of not only my life but also the lives of some of the people that matter most to me."

The great story today is going around the world, the couple in love never imagined that this would happen, if it is true is a very rare act of which they are proud, she did not hesitate to tell her husband to go and do his duty of helping save lives.

This reminds us of the story of a firefighter that quitted his job after saving the life of a woman who got trapped inside a really big fire, but thanks to him, there were no victims.

Another story is the one of a cute little puppy that was rescued from a home where she was mistreated but instead of being happy she seems very sad until suddenly her savior appears.

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