Walmart employee stops two intruders from abducting a 4-year-old girl in a store cart

The chilling moment a parent realizes someone tries to kidnap their child from right under their nose, knowing how close they came to never see their child again.

Parents are vigilant about the safety of their children, but even with the most observant of parent things can happen to their child. Not a thought anyone wants to think about, but when reports surface about a child being kidnapped, it sends chills down anyone’s spine and it lets you think of your own child and how incomprehensible it must be to go through an experience like that.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

A bone-chilling scenario was about to unfold in Texas, March 2017 while a mother was shopping at Target. Her 2-year-old toddler was in the shopping cart and they were waiting in the checkout line when suddenly she hears a stranger say to her child, “Say bye to Mommy!”

The couple standing behind her one would describe as ‘normal and friendly’ at first but she was sure they were intent on kidnapping her daughter. The mother intervened, and no harm came to her toddler.

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Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Similarly, on September 24 a loss prevention officer at Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas saw suspicious behavior when she saw a man and a woman trying to take a 4-year-old girl out of a shopping cart. She went over to the couple to confront them, but they climbed into a red SUV and drove off.

In both cases, someone intervened before it was too late. These predators are aware parents get distracted and take the opportunity when they can. Because parents cannot be everywhere all the time extra measures could prove useful.

Teach your child to scream, kick and do anything that might draw attention to them in such a situation, make sure they know strangers are not to be trusted. As unfortunate as that is, losing your child to some unknown fate is worse.

No abduction is the same, and if ever you find yourself in such a situation there are some measures you can take to increase your chances of getting away safely.

Know of your surroundings, it can go a long way to avoiding a situation you may not get out of. Prevention, if possible is better than a cure.

Avoid parking in dark places or going into alleys or quiet places at night. These places are ideal for predators. It gives them ample cover and means with which to do their deeds.

Change your driving/walking/jogging routes often. Having a set routine can easily be followed by anyone that pays attention, this makes your movements predictable and easier for a predator to formulate and execute a plan.

Keep pepper spray where you can get hold of it quickly when needed. In case you find yourself in harm’s way it can give you that few seconds needed to escape.

When you find yourself in new surroundings make a mental note of all exits and plan an escape route, after doing that for a while it will come naturally and can spare valuable time when most needed.


By being vigilant, Tia Whithers saved another woman and her son from disappearing after being kidnapped.

The abductor tried to force the woman into giving him money through Western Union but there was not a branch at that location. On the way back to  the vehicle the woman walked past Tia, where she and her kids were sitting in her truck and whispered to her:

“Help me! We were kidnapped.”

Tia phoned 911 and although she tried to prevent the kidnapper from leaving she couldn't and ended up following them until the police could take over. Both the woman and son were rescued, due to the bravery and vigilance of Tia Whithers.

Source: YouTube/NBC4 WCMH-TV Columbus

Source: YouTube/NBC4 WCMH-TV Columbus

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