Here’s what it means if you see a sock on top of a car dashboard during winter

This is the reason why other people put a sock on top of their vehicle dashboard every winter.

In the YouTube video posted by life hack expert Dave Hax, you are going to learn a clever trick to keep the inside of your auto windows nice and clear.

The key things for this basic life hack? A sock and unused cat litter. Together, they work to retain the dampness inside the vehicle.

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Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


Foggy auto windows can be an aggravation toward the beginning of the day, particularly in case you're racing to get to work.

You either need to risk driving out of a scarcely-transparent windshield or spent several minutes waiting for your windows to defog.

That is, nonetheless, except if you choose to use this basic trick that guarantees your vehicle windows will never fog up again.

Source: YouTube/DaveHax

Source: YouTube/DaveHax


To begin with this extraordinarily savvy idea, you will need an old sock that is clean and free from openings and auxiliary issues so the litter can't spill out.

You also need cat litter and masking tape. It is prescribed that you use a low-scent or no-smell cat litter just so your car's cabin does not smell like litter.

Source: YouTube/DaveHax

Source: YouTube/DaveHax

Fill the foot portion of the sock with the litter and afterward use your tape to secure the open ends of the sock that you are using.

It's better to use a smaller tube so that you can put in an adequate litter and still have a lot of room toward the end to tie it off safely so the litter can't spill.

Once you make your litter-filled sock, basically put it on your dashboard when you are stopped.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

You may also consider making one to return in the back window too since this can also get extremely foggy on those chilly days.

And, this is it. You will come out in the morning and not need to stress over taking out mist before leaving your garage.

Another useful car hacks you don't want to miss are using toothpaste to clean the headlights, a shoe for a cup holder, a staple remover to add keys to the key ring, your seat warmer to keep food warm, and nail polish to fix paint chips and scrapes.

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