Woman gets angry over iced coffee's price, pours beverage on store's checkout counter in viral video

An angry customer caused a mess on the check-out counter of a store, after discussing with the attendant over the price of her coffee. She walked out the door calmly while her son stole other items.

On August 30, cameras from a 7-Eleven store located on Montauk Highway in East Patchogue captured a woman giving the counter, and the employee of the store, an ice treatment when she poured one of her cold coffees all over the surface.

Source: Suffolk County Police Department via NBC

Source: Suffolk County Police Department via NBC

According to police reports, the woman was angry about the price of the medium-sized beverage, and in a rage-induced impulse, she decided to throw away the drink instead of paying it.

The woman was on the phone through the entire exchange, as she was on the counter to check out two iced coffees and a few other items. She’s seen arguing with the employee, as he calmly tries to refute whatever claim she was making about the price.

Source: Suffolk County Police Department via NBC

Source: Suffolk County Police Department via NBC

Moments later, she puts the other items asides, removes the lid from the cup, and pours the liquid all over the counter while the shocked employee tries, unsuccessfully, to avoid it. The man can be seen grabbing the other drink, probably to prevent the woman from pouring that one too, but she’s already making her calm exit out of the store.

A boy who witnessed the whole exchange, and that was probably her son, can be seen grabbing the rest of the items and following the woman out without paying for it.

Source: Suffolk County Police Department via NBC

Source: Suffolk County Police Department via NBC

Surveillance cameras outside revealed the woman drove off in a black GMC Yukon with plates registered in New Jersey.

Police said that not only the woman caused a public disturbance, but she also incurred in $200 worth of damages from drenched cigarettes stashed beneath the counter. The cold brew coffee she poured on the counter reportedly cost $1.69.

Source: Suffolk County Police Department via NBC

Source: Suffolk County Police Department via NBC

Angry customers are not rare, but usually, the employees can keep the situation under control before it hits the next level. Unfortunately, some people can’t keep their calm for long, like the woman of the cold coffee, or another woman who trashed a nail salon.


A few months before this incident, surveillance cameras at the Happy Nails salon in Hazlewood captured a woman trashing the place after she had a meltdown over her manicure.

Sara Nguyen, the owner of the salon, posted a video on Facebook that shows the woman pushing over a stand filled with nail polishes and walking around the store throwing things from shelves and counters.

According to Nguyen, the angered woman had been earlier at the salon to get some acrylics nails, but she wasn’t happy with the result. She asked for a refund of her money and her nails to be made again, but the employees offered her either a refund or a new set of acrylic nails.

The woman was not satisfied with the offer, and she left. Four hours later she returned using “foul language” and trashing the salon in front of other shocked costumers.

Nguyen revealed that the woman caused thousands of dollars in damages, and even stated that she was willing not to take legal actions as long as she paid her and apologized. Police eventually caught the woman, but there’s no word on what kind of charges she got.


Another customer who lost his cool was captured on camera as he entered a Domino's store in Oklahoma.

The customer, identified as Milton Davis, arrived at around 11 p.m. carrying a box of pizza he claims was mistakenly done. He slammed the box on the counter and started yelling at Mike Merkle, the manager of the store.

Source: FOR/Guthrie Police Department/CNN via Daily Independent

Source: FOR/Guthrie Police Department/CNN via Daily Independent

Merkle refunded the pizza, but Davis was demanding more money, alleging that he paid the delivery man $25, but the manager refused to give him the additional amount. In a rage attack, Davis turned the counter and attacked the manager. Police later arrested Davis.

According to Sgt. Anthony Gibbs of the Guthrie Police Department, Davis admitted to assaulting Merkle but justified his actions by saying, 

“Sometimes you just need to take a charge.”


According to a recent study by the Arizona State University, consumer rage happens less often today than in the past 15 years. Compared to the 66% of people reportedly being “extremely upset” or “very upset” over problems with goods or services in 2015, the past year only 56% of people had rage.

Marc Grainer, chairman of the firm Customer Care Measurement and Consulting says the level of rage has declined “because people have become desensitized to customer problems, especially with technology.”

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

However, most consumers still feel frustrated and disappointed over problems with purchases. This is because on average, it takes four attempts to fix the problem. These problems include stuff breaking, technology being a headache, consumers not getting what they want, and not getting the proper apology.

According to Grainer, complaints are usually channeled through social media which could permanently kill a business. He says,

“The research shows that positive word-of-mouth is nice, but it doesn’t move the needle much. But negative word-of-mouth will kill you.”

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