Little girl shouts at her father for 'bad behaviour' in viral video

A hilarious toddler gave her father some attitude in a viral video that has been watched over 7 million times. Briana showed her dad who’s the boss, but netizens’ reactions to her speech are conflicted.

Little Briana was caught in the middle of a heated argument with her dad, as she was accusing the man of not listening to her after he asked the same question four times. She’s annoyed by her father’s lack of attention, but she’s not having it anymore.

Wearing a white top and black leggings, the girl rolls her eyes at the man before he apologizes to her. But she snaps back once again saying “No sorry. Don’t talk to me like that. Ain’t no sorry.”

Source: YouTube/Robbie Santana

Source: YouTube/Robbie Santana

Her father clearly fins the situation comical, as he laughs behind the camera, but that only angers Briana more, as she says “That’s not funny, I’m not playing.” The man finally accepts his faults and says “I don’t listen? I know I’m sorry.”

However, Brianna is taking every little thing he says personally, as she asks him to stop screaming, even though he’s taking in an average tone of voice. “I’m not screaming at you,” he says, and she replies “I’m gonna scream at you anyway.”

This causes the man to finally try and put an end to the discussion by telling the girl goodbye, but smartly, she goes off once again saying “don’t tell me goodbye, I’m standing right here.” After her dad attempts to calm her down saying “I love you, Briana,” the toddles fires back saying:

Source: YouTube/Robbie Santana

Source: YouTube/Robbie Santana

“You don’t love nobody; you love your own self. Talk about ‘I love you’ and ‘sorry,’ you don’t tell nobody you’re sorry.”

She then walks out of frame as her dad finally gives up and tells her “get out,” but she gets the last work saying “no, you get out.”

The viral video earned different reactions from fans, with most of them finding Briana’s attitude funny and some others showing their concern about the girl, as she learned to talk back to her father by listening to other adults in her home, possibly her mother.

Source: YouTube/Robbie Santana

Source: YouTube/Robbie Santana

Read some of the comments below:

"Very articulate and clearly needs to be challenged more. She's ready to read, learn another language, something. Teach her something other than the hard ball attitude. It's not cute and won't serve her well in life. She deserves to learn something that will get her ahead in life, not just to make people laugh."

"I think she's heard her momma one too many times talk to a man like that. That behavior is unacceptable."

"Mom should be teaching her better verbal skills. She should be talking better and able to form sentences much better. All this other stuff is not cute at all."


On a similar case of girls talking back to their fathers, another viral video that melted hearts all over social shows a toddler who can’t even for word yet arguing to her dad when he tries to get her to step down of a table.

The video starts with the girl already on top of the table, and her father orders her to “put her foot down immediately,” but she’s not having any of it. Instead of listening to her dad, the girl fires back with gibberish, flapping her arms around and standing her case.

Source: YouTube/ MidRangeG

Source: YouTube/ MidRangeG

The father then tries to establish dominance by telling the toddler "you can't tell me what to do, I'm your boss until you're 18, now get down!” but his words do nothing in helping his case, as the girl only gets more agitated while still spitting non-sensical words. 

The person behind the camera, probably the girls’ mother, can’t help but giggle at the scene, and the dad, playing along with his daughter’s speech, then puts a finger on her chest saying “what did you call me?”

After a few more “words” from the girl, the video ends with the dad picking her up and snuggling to her, putting an end to their heated discussion.

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