Panda keeps everyone in suspense by not accepting her newborn cub, but then her behavior changes

Min-Min the Panda nearly rejected the baby after zoo personnel had to take it from her to run tests. 

They needed to ensure that the baby was healthy, but separating the cub from Min-Min could lead to her abandoning the baby altogether. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. A short video clip of Min-Min's interaction with her baby can be seen below. 

The infant was healthy, but when they returned it to Min-Min's enclosure, the panda ignored the newborn's cries. 

Source: YouTube/BBC Earth

Source: YouTube/BBC Earth

As can be seen from the video, the cub was on his back and couldn't roll over. Min-Min ignored him completely. 

Zoo personnel eventually had to step in. They made Min-Min comfortable before trying again. This time, something clicked. 

Source: YouTube/BBC Earth

Source: YouTube/BBC Earth

Min-Min's maternal instincts kicked in and she carefully picked the cub up in her mouth before retreating to the corner where she cuddled him.

It was a close call, but Min-Min finally accepted her baby and showered him with love and motherly affection. 

Source: YouTube/BBC Earth

Source: YouTube/BBC Earth

In the wild, panda moms bond instantaneously with their young, but it's a complicated situation if a cub is born in confinement. 

If the cub is then removed from its mother too, the chances of abandonment increases as the cub would be covered in unknown smells. 

Thankfully for Min-Min's cub, that wasn't the case. 

Another incident that had zoo personnel on the edge of their seats played out at the Australian Zoo while a Sumatran tiger was giving birth. 

Kaitlyn the Tiger's one cub stopped breathing soon after being born and volunteers at the zoo thought they had lost him. 

The new mother, however, didn't give up so easily and began licking the tiny cub immediately. The motion of her tongue stimulated the cub's lungs. 

After a few minutes, the first squeak could be heard, and the tiny cub made a full recovery. Both her cubs, both male, survived the birth. 

Sumatran tigers are rare, and her cubs are considered the most valuable ones ever born at the Australian Zoo. Read more here

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