October 04, 2018

Watch TV host totally refresh poor crew member during weather forecast

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Allison Hammond delivered a hilarious weather forecast for "This Morning" on a floating map in Liverpool's Albert Dock. She lost her footing when she jumped from Scotland to Northern Ireland. 

Hammond moved about the map on Wednesday morning as the crew of "This Morning" celebrated their 30th anniversary. She was joined by two male assistants dressed in sailor costumes.

According to the Daily Mail, it was a tradition from the eighties to use shamed former weatherman dressed in knitted jumpers for the presentation. The hilarious clip is found below.

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But Hammond ran the show that day. She walked about the floating map. At one point she got her cardigan stuck on a Welsh Dragon in Wales. 

As she reached across from Scotland to Northern Ireland, she used the two men for support. 


Then Hammond shoved one of the skimpily dressed assistants right into the River Mersey's cold waters.

A horrified Allison exclaimed: "Are you alright? I am so sorry!"

The sailor was quickly rescued and came back up soaking wet.

Clearly flustered, Hammond said: "Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed."


She apologized profusely before quickly informing viewers that there will be some showers in the area the wet sailor represented. 

Back in the studio, hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield were in a fit by the debacle and struggled to keep their composure. 

"She pushed him in the dock!" screamed Schofield.

Hammond then rushed back over to the London and finished up her report. Willoughby told her to "Put your cape around him." 


Hammond gave the shivering man her sparkly jacket as she was worried he would catch a cold. 

She found out his name was Chris and asked him if he was OK, to which he responded he was. 

When he got to shore he received a large towel and went to go and get changed.


Source: YouTube/ This Morning

The internet found the segment extremely comical, with many praising Hammond for her bubbly personality and laughing at her accident.

Others dubbed her the "Queen of TV" and asserted that she should have her own show.

Another comical scene was found amidst a real weather disaster during Hurricane Florences which hit North Carolina last month. 

While Weather Channel reporter Mike Seidel braced himself against supposedly strong winds, the sight behind him told another story. 



In the middle of his dramatic report, Seidel claimed that the current conditions are "about as nasty as it's been." 

He dug his feet into the grass as he yelled. But behind him, viewers see two men stroll across the street undisturbed by Seidel's imaginary strong winds. 

The clip was retweeted nearly 250,000 and garnered over 600,000 likes. Viewers shared older clips of similar misleading reports.