Ferocious bull interrupts couple’s wedding photoshoot forcing them to run for their lives

On September 29, Glen and Amy McKey became husband and wife. Their wedding ceremony was perfect until their photographer suggested they should pose for pictures on a hill.

One moment, they were posing with Amy’s favorite horse, and in the next moment, they were told to run. An uninvited guest was photobombing their shoot.

Glen, 27, and Amy McKey, 24, chose to get married at their ranch in Woodenbong, New South Wales, Australia, last month. They lovingly exchanged their vows and posed with their wedding party for photos.

Then the couple's photographer, Aleesha Aldis-Friedrichs, 26, form Boundless Imagery, asked them to go pose on top of a hill with a palomino horse. The plan was to get an amazing wedding picture.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. However, things didn’t go as planned for the two lovebirds.

As the three posed an angry bull charged at them out of nowhere. The newly married couple was forced to abandon the shoot and run for their lives with their horse, resulting in hilarious images.

Glen, who is a horse trainer, had this to say about the incident:

“We were walking back down the hill and the bull really ran at us and I thought 'oh [expletive]'. Amy grabbed her dress and started to run. You can see she was running because her dress is flying in the photo.”

When the bull got a bit closer his horse tried pulling away because it was frightened but he held on and ran. The bull eventually turned back without harming anyone.

Glen shared that the incident made the wedding day special and that everyone thought it was funny. He joked that they would probably print both images and put them up on the wall in a sequence.

Aldis-Friedrichs had this to say:

“I was laughing so hard behind the camera - I'm so surprised it stayed straight because I was laughing. It's absolutely the best photo I've ever taken at a wedding - the most memorable.”

On July 28, Angie Blumberg and Jayce Conway married at the Rainbow Ranch Lodge in Big Sky, Montana. They brought along their 6-year-old Labrador retriever to be part of the nuptials.

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