Former stray cat can show his love to new owner just by curling up

Edduin Carvajal
Oct 06, 2018
10:38 A.M.
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Soon after Carri-Anne Jane moved to Dubai for an internship, she noticed a small cat wandering in front of the entrance of her apartment building. Their connection was immediate.


According to The Dodo, Jane thought that the cat was by the building searching for food, so she knelt with some food and tried to give it to the still strange animal. She was shocked when the cat ignored the meal.

Instead, the little and friendly animal jumped onto Jane’s lap and started demanding human contact. As Jane described the moment, “he snuggled into a ball and contently started purring.”



The lady pointed out that no other street cat she had ever run to had done something similar, so it was evident that this one needed more than just food. Soon after that, they created a loving routine.


The cat would jump and greet Jane every day after she came back from work, stores, and any other place. After a while, she started calling him Eleven, a reference to the “Stranger Things” character.



However, the series’ character is known for not being affectionate, so the name didn’t quite fit the cat’s personality. After a while, Jane’s roommate noticed that Eleven had a marking on his side that looked exactly like a heart, especially when he curled up.


Jane then decided to change his name to Braveheart as a way to honor his braveness for trusting her and the mark he has. When Jane was supposed to go back to South Africa, she took Braveheart to the vet to see if he was healthy enough to take him home with her.



After creating a crowdfunding campaign and selling a mountain bike to afford Braveheart’s fly, the fees, and all other things she needed to get done, the cat could finally go to Jane’s home in Cape Town.



Jane’s love for cats goes above and beyond, but he is not the only person who feels that way. Cory is also an animal lover, and he decided to record himself faking a heart attack in front of his cats, Loki and Sparta, to see their reaction.

While Loki completely ignored him, Sparta nudged at his owner in his usual "cuddle me" signal, and meowed a few inquiries. Then, to Cory's chagrin, his adoring pet walked off and took a nap.

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