October 23, 2018

After woman gave birth to her baby girl, x-ray revealed there was another one on the way

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Six weeks after giving birth to a baby girl, Eliza Curby felt extremely tired and soon found out that she was expecting another child. Later on, she found out she was having identical twins.

In 2016, Eliza and her partner, Ben, had their eldest child, Charlie, in January. She had her twin baby boys, Jack and Wolfe, in December. In 11 months, Eliza and Ben welcomed three babies.

Speaking about it in early 2017 with news.com.au, the 28-year-old expressed that she wasn’t able to wrap her head around the news at first.

It had only been three months since the couple started dating when they found out she was pregnant with their first child.



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“Ben had always been super keen to become a father, so we were over the moon at the thought of creating our own little family,” shared the mother of three.

Six weeks after having Charlie, Eliza knew that it was going to be hard, but she recalled feeling extra exhausted at the time.


She said, “I was exhausted trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a mum, but about a month after having Charlie though I felt really, super exhausted.”

Eliza was told by everyone around her that she was only sleep deprived and that she needed to rest, but she knew something was up.

She already guessed that she was pregnant, but it took four pregnancy tests to confirm her gut feeling.


When the last test showed two lines, they went straight to the doctor for an ultrasound where it was revealed to them that they were going to have twins.

Eliza recalled being scared and excited at the same time knowing she secretly wanted to have identical twins.

“Emotionally it took me about two months and somewhere around 2000 Google ‘twin pregnant stomach’ images to come to terms with the news,” she said.


Over the course of her pregnancy and up until her delivery, Eliza was lucky not to have faced any problems, and both her babies were healthy.

Sharing about the experience of having three kids, Eliza said she feels like she has triplets. They had to buy three of everything, including strollers, car seats, high chairs, and a lot more. They even had to buy a new car that could fit all three kids.

Despite the stress and exhaustion, Eliza said she is very happy with her family.


Meanwhile, in a recent episode of “Sweet Home Sextuplets,” Eric and Courtney Waldrop featured all of their nine children.

On the show, they revealed how they rely on their family and friends to help them in taking care of their kids.

Talking about being on the show, Courtney said it is “just like watching a home video.”