R. Kelly's ex-wife Angela says he almost killed her in the back seat of a Hummer

Maria Varela
Oct 08, 2018
07:09 A.M.
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In her latest interview, Angela Kelly goes into detail about her abusive marriage with R. Kelly and reveals she thought she was going to die in the hands of her ex-husband at the back seat of a Hummer. "He didn't realize his forearm was on my neck," she says. She also describes another incident when Kelly "hogtied" her in bed. 


Months after she opened up about her abusive marriage to her ex-husband, R. Kelly, Andrea Kelly reveals she almost died while Kelly attacked her in the back seat of a Hummer. 


During a recent episode of “The View”, Andrea detailed the events that transpired on the day she thought her life was over. 

“What he had done, he’d taken this left arm behind me and his weight was on my body but he didn’t realize his forearm was on my neck. So as he’s pressing down my breathing is getting labored and the only reason why I think I made it out is because I said, ‘Robert, you’re gonna kill me. I can’t breathe. You have to get your arm off of my neck.’”


Andrea recalled sitting at the back of the Hummer imagining her death.

“I just thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m gonna die in the back of this Hummer and he’s gonna drive off with my body in the backseat and nobody’s gonna know.”


The Hummer incident wasn’t the only abusive encounter Angela discussed. She also shed details about the time Kelly “hogtied” her on their bed during a fight and left her that way as he fell asleep.  

“What he did, he grabbed, it was the strap to his robe out of the bed, and he had his knee in my back and he took both of my arms behind me, tied them and then attached my legs to my arms. And he hogtied me and left me on the side of the bed and he actually fell asleep and that’s the only I got away.”

Angela said it took her several attempts at moving her legs back and forth before she finally loosened herself from the strap and escaped. 


Kelly’s camp has not issued any statement concerning Angela’s latest accusations though they did respond to her previous claims months ago.

In June, Angela opened up for the first time about their abusive relationship in TV One’s “Sister Circle.” She said she only realized she was a victim of domestic violence when she googled the term and answered a questionnaire to determine if she was.  Angela scored 15 out of the 17 signs of abuse. 


Kelly has since denied her allegations releasing a statement through his team saying he denounces  the “many dark descriptions put forth by instigators and liars who have their own agenda for seeking profit and fame.”

He also insisted he “has close friendships with a number of women who are strong, independent, happy, well cared for and free to come and go as they please.”

Kelly and Angela were married from 1996 to 2009 and have three children together.