Parrot quickly becomes internet sensation for his "evil laugh"

A parrot has amused netizens with his maniacal laugh, which his owners captured on video.

In the video posted to YouTube, the parrot can be seen sneaking his way into a room and letting out what sounded like an “evil laugh.”

Parrots are known for their ability to mimic human sounds, even the rather inappropriate ones. The parrot in the video is one of those parrots that managed to pick up a sinister sound.

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Source: YouTube/Logan Thomas

Source: YouTube/Logan Thomas

His owners set up a secret camera to film the bird as it slides his head around the door and make the peculiar sound, as though possessed by an evil spirit. He sounded like a villain from a comic book.


The video, titled “hehehe parrot,” has racked up almost three million views since it was posted to YouTube on May 10, 2015.

Source: YouTube/Logan Thomas

Source: YouTube/Logan Thomas

Amused netizens left comments on the viral video.

“I feel like this parrot knows every secret I have,” wrote one user.

Source: YouTube/Logan Thomas

Source: YouTube/Logan Thomas

Another user added: “The parrot has caught you in the middle of doing something and is now going to blackmail you into doing his evil bidding .”

“This bird has an evil plan,” commented another netizen.


Another parrot that won people’s hearts is one that was caught on camera singing out the lyrics to Sia’s hit song "Chandelier."

The parrot’s shocking display of talent made him an internet sensation.

The bird started singing the song when it was alone but the owner had secretly hidden inside the house to film the parrot.

Many people have experienced singing to the best of their abilities when they are absolutely certain that no one is watching or listening to them. A similar thing happened with a pet parrot.

When it started raining while the parrot was on the deck, it found the perfect opportunity for singing out the tune of its favorite song. Fortunately, the owner was still in the house and he had managed to roll his camera.

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