Simon Cowell donates £50k to young boy with rare form of cancer

On Friday, Simon Cowell revealed the news that he had donated to Zac Oliver's crowdfunding page. The boy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

The crowdfunding is meant to allow Oliver to travel to the US where he can get treatment. Cowell released a video where he pleaded with others to also donate.

Simon Cowell, 59, donated over $65 000 to Zac Oliver ahead of the fundraising event Zacfest that took place in Telford Town Park on Sunday. In a video shared on social media, the music mogul said:

“This boy is four years old and needs money to get him to America to get the help he needs. So I want you please to go on Zac Oliver's JustGiving page and whatever you can donate will make a difference.”

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The star then went on to share that he had donated to Oliver too.

The four-year-old boy is suffering from an extremely rare form of leukaemia called Near Haploid. The NHS is currently unable to treat the illness.

That’s what prompted his parents to raise $657, 894 so they could take him to America for CAR-T therapy in Philadelphia. Oliver’s mother, Hannah Oliver-Willets, shared Cowell’s video on her social media.

In the caption she wrote:

“Thank you to Simon Cowell for doing such an amazing job at supporting our cause. I explained to Zac that Simon has helped to pay for his special medicine. Zac said 'thanks si' lol, little does he know exactly what this actually means and how much closer we really are to getting him to the US.”

According to different reports, the family had raised $460 526. Cowell’s donation pushed the amount to $ 526 315 which meant they were left with $131 578 before reaching their goal.

Donations can be made through the Just Giving page or by texting ZACH75 £1 to 70070.  More information about the fundraising can be found on Zac's Facebook support page.

Cowell is a famous record producer and television personality. He is well-known for his critical remarks as a judge on the television shows “American Idol,” “X Factor,” and “America's Got Talent.”

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