Gorgeous horse gives birth to rare twins, and their gentle relations with mom goes viral

Heartwarming footage of a rare occurrence got posted as twins frolic around their mother.

On April 8, 2014, a Belgian Draft horse mare gave birth to twins Lisa and Fien, in the video clip they can be seen exploring and playing around their mother.

Source: YouTube/Robert Piessens

Source: YouTube/Robert Piessens

Also referred to as the Belgian Heavy Horse, Brabancon or Brabant this large breed of horse originally comes for the Brabant region, now called Belgium and said to be the most direct descendants of the ‘Great Horse’ of medieval times and carried knights onto the battlefield.

Source: YouTube/Robert Piessens

Source: YouTube/Robert Piessens

These beautiful horses are known for the large size and strength with mild and pleasing temperaments, in fact, the world’s tallest horse currently is a Belgian Draft horse named Big Jake, born in 2000 he stands at an astonishing height of 82.75″/2.1m. tall.

Source: YouTube/Robert Piessens

Source: YouTube/Robert Piessens

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Giving birth to twins is uncommon in horses and rare in Belgian Draft horses so when these twins were born it was something rare.

Filmed at 4 days old after being born at t’Akkerhof stables in Kalmthout, Belgium they can be seen curiously exploring staying close to their mother and suckling from her occasionally when a little girl comes close for a cuddle with the mom and her new twins the interaction is adorable.

Foals are notoriously giddy and playfully curious, which can get them into trouble at times. In San Gabriel do Oeste, Brazil a mare named Bondeca gave birth overnight. The next morning the farmers went to check on her as she was in her final stages of pregnancy and saw she had already given birth but the foal was not with her and Bondeca was frantic.

After a short search, they found the newborn stuck in an ant nest, almost completely underground. They soon dug the foal out and reunited him with his mother who was watching anxiously, quick to suckle and unharmed the video of their reunion went viral.

Sometimes during pregnancies and labor complications can arise with dire consequences. A mare named Zindita went into premature labor with the baby upside down in the womb, a dangerous situation for both mom and baby. Sadly the foal was stillborn but mom Zindita pulled through but took the loss of newborn hard.

A local veterinarian told the staff at Equiception about another foal nearby whose mother had just died and the staff brought Zindita and the motherless foal together in hopes Zindita would adopt the little foal.

Horses don’t always accept a foal that is not their own and kept a close eye on both when they introduced the baby to Zindita, their concerns were short-lived when Zindita accepted the little foal straight away and within an hour they were inseparable.

Since then the staff said the two horses have continued to bond and both are healthy and happy.

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